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Q: What are the different membership levels?
A: Member ($0-119); Red Wave ($120 - 299); Red Eagle ($300 - 599); Bronze ($600-1,199); Silver ($1,200-1,999); Gold ($2,000-4,999); Pride ($5,000-9,999) Platinum ($10,000+)

Q: What’s the difference between Membership Level and Priority Points?
A: There are eight different membership levels. Your annual giving total will determine your membership level. This will be the first consideration in determining priority assignment of benefits. Within each membership level, donors will be ranked based on his or her cumulative priority points. Priority points are a second ranking method to create a fair process when distributing benefits to its members.

Q: How do I earn Priority Points?
A: Five points will be given for every dollar donated to athletics before November 1, 2014. Three points will be given for every dollar donated for the current year unrestricted to the EAF. One point will be given for every dollar donated for the current year “other” athletic giving (sport specific). Five hundred points will be awarded one-time to anyone who served as a fund drive volunteer in the past.

Q: If I don’t donate for the current year will I still have my priority points?
A: Yes, priority points are cumulated over your lifetime.

Q; If I don’t donate for the current year will I still be considered a member & receive benefits?
A: No, a member must donate for the current year to be eligible for benefits for that current year. Anyone who does not donate will not be considered a member for that specific year.

Q: What if I have more priority points than a member in a higher membership level?
A: Priority Points only rank donors with in a membership level. A person can be in the Bronze Eagle membership level and have more priority points than a person in the Silver Eagle membership level, however the person in the Silver Eagle membership level will be considered first when assigning benefits on priority. If both donors are in the Bronze Eagle membership level, the member with more priority points will be considered first in priority assignment.

Q: How can I find how many priority points I have?
A: You can visit our website www.goeags.com and log into your account to find your current amount.

Q: Why do EAF unrestricted donations get more points than EAF restricted donations?
A: EAF unrestricted donations allows the athletic department to support the experience of every student-athlete and to direct funds to the areas of greatest student-athlete need.

Q: Can I give on behalf of a family or friend member?
A: Yes, that friend or family member will become an EAF member and will receive the appropriate benefits based on the donation.

Q: Does my donation include the cost of tickets?
A: The cost of tickets is not included in your donation to the EAF, and does not add to your priority points.

Q: What is the best way to get more priority points?
A: Making gifts or pledges to the unrestricted category of EAF is the best way to get more priority points.

Q: Is my donation tax-deductible?
A: Consult your financial advisor for appropriate deductible of your gift.

Q: How do I request to upgrade my seating or parking?
A: This request is done through the priority season ticket application on your account through our website at goeags.com. Your request will be considered based on available inventory in priority order. Anyone with a gift or pledge to athletics by May 15 will be notified via email when season ticket applications are available.  

Q: When is the deadline to donate or make a pledge to be eligible to receive benefits for the upcoming season?
A: March 15- see Important Dates section on the back of Membership Brochure to see all pledge fulfillment deadlines to maintain benefit eligibility.

Q: When do I pay for my tickets?
A: When you submit your season ticket application on your account through our website at goeags.com

Q: How many seats are available to Non-Donors?
A: At Roos Field sections H, I, J, K, N, 0, P & Q do not require donations for season tickets. Sections A through F will be assigned first on priority to EAF members. If there is any remaining inventory, those season ticket locations will become available to the general public to purchase. At Reese Court all sections except LB, LC, LD do not require donations to purchase season tickets.

Q. Does the EAF accept matching gift contributions?
Many companies match gifts to the EAF. Contact your company's benefits department for matching gift information.

Q. Does my gift make a difference?
Every gift, no matter the amount, brings us closer to meeting the total scholarship costs for dedicated Eagle student-athletes.

Q. How do I change my Eagle Athletic Fund mailing or email address?
You can update your contact information by logging into your account on www.goeags.com. You may also contact the EAF office via email at eaf@ewu.edu or call 509-359-6208.

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