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As an EAF member you automatically become a representative of EWU'S athletic interests. As such, you should be aware of what constitutes "EXTRA BENEFITS" to our student-athletes.

Extra Benefit Defined

An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a representative of the institution's athletics interests to provide a student-athlete or the student-athlete's relative or friend a benefit that is not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation.  Receipt of a benefit is not a violation if it is demonstrated that the same benefit is generally available to the institution's students or their relatives or friends or to a particular segment of the student body (e.g., foreign students, minority students) determined on a basis unrelated to athletics ability.

Prohibited Financial Aid, Benefits and Arrangements

An institutional employee or representative of the institution's athletics interests may not provide a student-athlete with extra benefits or services, including, but not limited to:

  • Special discounts, payment arrangements or credit (e.g., credit line at a store) on a purchase or service (e.g., dry cleaning).

  • Use of institutional telephones, long distance access codes or credit cards for personal reasons.

  • Use of institutional copy machines and fax machines for personal reasons.

  • An automobile or use of an automobile.

  • Free or reduced-cost services, rentals or purchases of any type.

  • Free or reduced-cost housing.  A student-athlete cannot accept free or reduced-cost housing from any EWU employee or booster.  This includes in Cheney, in the student-athlete's home city or any other location.

  • Free or reduced-cost storage of personal belongings.

  • Loan of money, signing or cosigning of loans or guarantee of bond.

  • Transportation (e.g., a ride home with a coach, ride with a booster).

  • Cash or like items (e.g., gift certificates).

  • Tangible items (e.g., clothing, cars, jewelry).

  • Impermissible academic services (e.g., typing reports, papers, letters for a student-athlete).

  • Free or reduced-cost entertainment services from commercial agencies (e.g., movie tickets, dinners, use of car, reduced admission to institutional or community events).

  • Educational expenses (other than from permissible institutional and outside sources).

A student-athlete cannot accept anything from a EWU employee or booster.  The acceptance by a student-athlete of any extra benefit is a violation of NCAA regulations and places the student-athlete's eligibility for intercollegiate competition in jeopardy.

Permissible Benefits

  • Hometown Awards - A hometown group (other than a EWU booster club) may pay reasonable and necessary expenses of a student-athlete returning home to receive an award for athletics accomplishment.  The value of the hometown award cannot exceed $80.
  • Transportation - It is permissible for a student athlete to receive reasonable local transportation (within a 30-mile radius of campus) on an occasional basis from a EWU employee.

Occasional Meal

  • A student-athlete or the entire team in a sport may receive an occasional meal (one per quarter) in the locale of EWU's campus (within a 30-mile radius of campus) on infrequent and special occasions from an institutional staff member.  An institutional staff member may provide reasonable local transportation to student-athletes to attend such meals.  A student-athlete may receive an occasional family home meal from a representatives of athletics interests on infrequent and special occasions under the following conditions:

  • The meal must be provided in the individual's home (as opposed to a restaurant) and may be catered; and

  • A representative of EWU's athletics interests may provide reasonable local transportation to student-athletes to attend the meal function only if the meal function is at the home of that representative.

  • A team may receive an occasional meal from the parent of a teammate at any location.

Incidental benefits - EWU may provide student-athletes with reasonable refreshment (e.g., soft drinks, snacks) for student-athlete's educational and business meetings and, on an occasional basis, for celebratory events (e.g., birthdays).

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