Eagle Athletic Fund Brochure and Season Ticket Information Now Available

Eagle Athletic Fund Brochure and Season Ticket Information Now Available

EAF Membership Brochure

Cheney, Wash. – The Eagle Athletic Fund (EAF) announced today, Feb. 3, that its new membership brochure, which includes important season ticket information, is now available to the public.

The Eagle Athletic Fund has undergone a major overhaul during the past year in an effort to provide the best benefits, through a principled, transparent system, to members who generously support EWU Athletics’ student-athletes and the approximately $3 million cost of their scholarships. Today marks the end of this period of transition.

There are three major changes to EAF membership. First, as announced in October, the EAF has implemented a priority point system. This system rewards loyalty and introduces greater transparency in the assignment of benefits.  Members requesting new, additional or upgraded benefits will be ranked first by membership level (annual giving level), then within each level by cumulative priority points. Therefore, the most significant factor in requests is your 2015 Eagle Athletic Fund membership level.

Second, renewal and assignment of all football season tickets on the West Side of the stadium and RV/Tailgate season passes will become a benefit to EAF members. As long as your gift or pledge meets the minimum required donation to renew/request your 2014 season tickets, you will be able to renew your seat locations. Those requesting priority assignment eligible seats and passes will be considered by membership level, then cumulative priority points. For the 2015-16 seasons only, returning season ticket and pass holders will be considered ahead of any new members making requests for the first time.

If, for any reason, priority assignment does not interest you, please note season tickets on the East Side and End Zone will not require a donation and any seats on the West Side not assigned in the priority process will become available to the general public.

Finally, the Eagle Athletic Fund is asking all members to make your 2015 pledge by Sunday, March 15. You will still be able to pay off your pledge throughout the year, however in order to be eligible for benefits for the 2015-16 seasons, you must meet this deadline. You may reference the last page of the EAF membership brochure for all pledge fulfillment deadlines. Please note that for the 2015-16 season all gifts and pledges made starting from March 16, 2014 will count towards your 2015 membership.

To learn more about the impact of EAF membership, all eligible benefits, priority assignment and more, please read through the EAF Membership Brochure here.

Eastern Athletics hopes you will take time between now and March 15 to join "The Team Behind The Teams." Your support will impact the lives of our elite student-athletes and provide you many great experiences and memories only available to members of the Eagle Athletic Fund. Should you have any questions about the changes or any other Eagle Athletic Fund inquiries, please contact us at 509-359-6208 or eaf@ewu.edu.

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